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In a former life, Debbie was a Public Relations and Marketing professional, working in both commercial and non-profit sectors. She specializes in long form and informational content creation and has been published in multiple retail, non-profit, news and print media outlets. Debbie earned a degree in Sociology and Political Science from Brigham Young University which was very interesting but not super helpful in her current role as mother of four. Except for her foreign diplomacy classes, which have surprisingly come in handy with toddlers.

Though Debbie primarily calls Northern Virginia home, she also spent time growing up in California, Connecticut, Moscow, Russia and Frankfurt, Germany. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband,Tyler, their children and two French bulldogs who could easily be confused for piglets. Debbie is honored to be a part of the Daybreak Vision team and is grateful for all the wonderful colleagues, volunteers, and patients who have allowed her to be part of their journey.

Debbie Angelos


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