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Scott spent two years living in Ghana which has had a big impact on his passionate for global eye health. Scott is a current medical student at Harvard Medical School while also co-leading Daybreak's research efforts.

Scott is a medical student at Harvard Medical School and recent graduate of Brigham Young

University, where he studied public health and international development. He also plans to earn

a Master’s of Public Health during his training. Scott is passionate about global eye health. He

aspires to become an academic ophthalmologist who partners in research and clinical care with

colleagues in resource-limited settings.

Scott saw health inequity firsthand while living in Ghana for two years. Informed by these

experiences, he worked with a multi-national committee of the International Pediatric

Ophthalmology and Strabismus Council, where he led two studies related to infant blindness in

Africa and organized an online training platform for ophthalmologists and neonatologists within

the region. He has also volunteered with organizations working with low-income populations

within his own community. Scott enjoys co-leading Daybreak’s research efforts, which has

included publishing a multi-national study and mentoring students on various projects to

improve eye health delivery.

Scott loves spending time with his wife and son. He enjoys basketball, snowboarding, and fly


Scott Herrod

Research Co-Coordinator

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