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Restore Sight to the Blind

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

Cataract blindness can be cured with a 10-minute procedure costing as little as $25.

Daybreak Vision Project exists to bring cataract surgery to those in greatest need, restoring sight, life, and hope.

Cataract Blindness

Patient Stories

Global Impact

94 million

blind or visually impaired by cataract worldwide


live in the developing world


the material cost of sight-restoring cataract surgery 


Who We Are

The Daybreak Vision Project is a non-profit organization, a community and a movement. Our mission is to bring sight-restoring cataract surgery to those in greatest need. Daybreak describes the moment light first penetrates the darkness of night. For us, this name represents the moment when a previously-blind patient first realizes their sight has been restored. This daybreak moment is pure joy and its impact is impossible to quantify. In an instant, sight, life, and hope have all been restored.

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